The fact that the educational experience of young people is enhanced by volunteering activities is not new. However, the uniqueness of CSA Volunteerism is the fact that it is driven primarily by the magnanimous efforts of such young students of CHRIST (Deemed to be University). This is a platform to enhance each individual’s leadership skills in the context of community development. The Core of the CSA is the Volunteer body-initiated in 1999 as an offshoot of NSS. The number of volunteers among the student community today has seen a manifold increase in number and efforts. 2018-19 witnessed close to 700 volunteers across 3 campuses engaging in various activities of the Centre.

The glory of the volunteering body lies in the personal change experienced by each of them in engaging with communities, the professionalism built-in them while organizing each event and the relationships they nurture with various stakeholders.

To hone these talents within each volunteer, various leadership training and review meetings are held by CSA where Alumni share stories and experiences that shaped the organization into a better place every year.


Activity Center

Educate, Inculcate, Motivate

The Activity Centre is a wing of CSA which helps the children from our project areas have a better after-school experience. It provides a platform for learning which helps them grow. Events, activities and carnivals are organized to bring out the best in the children and provide them a platform to display their talents. The main purpose of this wing is to engage the children of our project areas and mold the leaders of tomorrow. 

The Activity Centre is not just a place to teach, but also to learn. It is not just a wing, but a place where you are a sister or a brother, a mentor and a friend. 



Act, React, Impact

Drishti is a wing that aims to sensitize people through audio and visual art. Mediums like street theatre, mime, musicals, rallies, podcasts, and videos are used for the same. They work as a team, where every voice counts and every opinion matters. The team educate themselves about an issue first and then present it in a creative and impactful manner, which leaves the audience thinking and reflecting.

‘We don’t just act, we impact!’



Sensitize, Empower, Sustain

Prayatna, meaning effort, is an effort towards a more sustainable world. Volunteers are engaged in nature walks, clean-up drives, visits to animal shelters and various other campaigns. They also provide support to Parivarthana, the waste management unit on campus. At Parivarthana, dry waste is recycled and made into beautiful products. By working closely with the women from our project areas who work at Parivarthana, Prayatna also aims to promote women empowerment. It is a wing that makes efforts towards sustainability, one step at a time. 


Media and Communications (M&C)

Learn. Express. Reform

Media and Communications is the wing of CSA which uses methods of creative expression such as writing, photography, videography, graphic designing etc, to facilitate social change. It helps volunteers hone their skills in these areas, which, when combined with the enormous reach of media, hold immense potential for social sensitization.  Through events like Story Hunts, Chats over Coffee and Photo Exhibitions, the wing helps volunteers sharpen perspectives, understand narratives and engage in discussion on various social issues. ‘We Care’ is an annual publication by the wing, which aims to bring about awareness and social change. Thus, Media and Communication is a wing that aims to reform society through the power of pixels, words and frames.


Project Matram

‘Matram’ is a Tamil word meaning ‘change’.project. Matram is an initiative of CSA that operates in Janakiram Layout (a CSA project area) and aims to reduce issues of substance abuse in the area. Volunteers who are a part of this project visit the children of the area every Saturday with constructive modules on social awareness, self-esteem and other aspects of personality development. By doing so, they aim to break the cycle of substance abuse in the area and bring about a positive change.


Monthly Reports of volunteers activities

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