Service Learning

It's an attempt by CSA with selected departments of the University to integrate academic learning with community service for students to learn, practice and reflect. Service Learning helps students to undertake sustainable development activities in the community and other Institutions.

Service Learning annual Report 2015-16 


Rural Exposure

Students are taken to the village areas as an attempt to make social responsibility a culture among students in the University and to expose them to rural realities and in turms to make them realize their roles in society. CSA coordinates 60 rural exposure visits for students from various departments and deaneries every year. 3500 students are exposed to the village system of India, which serves as the backbone of the country and is exposed to the problems faced by rural communities especially women and children.


Social Responsibility Week

Social Responsibility Week is observed in each semester when the university takes up the initiative to sensitize the student community on the social concern. During this week, all the students and the faculty members conduct various activities within their own departments to achieve this cause through various competitions, presentations, screening of documentaries, role plays, etc.


Child Sponsorship Programme

Under this programme, students of Christ University sponsor children from the urban slums for their overall and holistic development. Initiated in 1999, through sponsorship support for 50 children annually has now grown to support nearly 800 children per year.


International Exchange Programme

To promote international solidarity and comparative understanding of the socio, economic and political situations between India and other nations, CSA joined hands with Sund Folk College, Diakonhjemmet University College, Bodo University, Hist University (Norway), Lund University (Sweden) and HAN University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) for developmental exchange programmes. Every year students visit India from these Universities and work with CSA. CSA also facilitates internships for students from various countries like France, Canada and the USA.