"Education promotes equality and lifts people out of poverty. It teaches children how to become good citizens. Education is not just for a privileged few, it is for everyone. It is a fundamental human right" -Ban Ki-moon  

“Educate a Child Sponsorship Programme” is an inspiring initiative of CHRIST (Deemed to be University) with the special efforts and contribution by the students and staff who render monetary and student-mentoring services for vulnerable children from slum communities. Christites sponsor the education of the less privileged school-going children at three urban slums of Bengaluru. The initiative that took off in the year of 1999 of sponsoring a small number of 50 children from the Rajendra Nagar urban slum community has rapidly increased by which students and faculty members provide educational support to more than 800 children annually.

To support a child, CSA raises Rs.4000/- per academic year and renders help towards her / his Education as well as life skills development. After having received the contribution, the child/children (8-16 years old) are allocated for reaping sponsorship benefits through full time field staff from “Educate a Child Sponsorship Programme” at Vriddhi (L.R, Rajendra and Ambedkar Nagar) and Desirable, Dynamic and Development (3D) Project at Janakiram Layout. The details of the family and children is sent to the sponsor through CSA Volunteers, Students or Staff.  The sponsors can also view the details on the CSA website by logging on to 

Through this support, the sponsored children are provided with required educational materials like notebooks, bags, shoes and school fees.  Moreover, Children are enrolled in the Activity Centre to improve academic/non-academic performance through informal academic sessions, extracurricular activities, personality development camps, picnic cum study exposure, and sports events.  In a year the sponsor will receive two communications from the child i.e., Christmas and New Year greeting along with a brief progress report in the month of December and a Thank You card in the beginning of the subsequent academic year i.e June-July.  

The sponsorship will be continued up to 16 years of age to ensure the completion of the education of the child until 10th grade.

In the last Academic Year-2018-19, the Sponsorship amounted to INR 44,02,137 benefitting 852 kids in the project areas of CSA